Stöcklin as primer contractor

Optimization of space, time and resources is our contribution to your success. As a prime contractor with overall responsibility, Stöcklin Logistics offers complete, ready-to-use systems allowing you to store your products in minimum space, manage them reliably and pick and transport them as quickly as possible with minimum personnel costs.

Increasing competition on today’s globalized markets makes intra-company logistics a decisive factor for the success of your company. Because this represents the interface between your company and the markets with direct influence on customer service, one of the most important factors on the market. Optimization in this area is essential to increase efficiency and reduce costs on the market. For this reason, Stöcklin, one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete intra-logistic systems, has specialized in integrated solutions and realization of custom systems as a prime contractor with overall responsibility.
As a system integrator, we offer complete logistic concepts including realization from one company. This means that we are your sole contact partner for all requirements. We coordinate all of the work you require, from floor slab to ventilation and installation of lights or we assume overall responsibility for all intra-company logistic issues and cooperate with a general contractor for construction.


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